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Smart phone applications

Smartphone applications

Geidea has developed a great support package that includes smartphones and smart applications.
Smart phone applications

Digital Banking

Geidea is enhancing people’s lives with its innovative digital banking solutions managed by a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals.
Smart phone applications

Customer sites record keeping

Customers and technicians can browse sites through POS location coordinates, Google maps and web or smartphone applications..
Smart phone applications

Hot Swapping

This unique feature offers hardware replacement without having to make a new registration with SAMA in the new device.
Smart phone applications

Periodic Unit Inspection System via Notifications

This is one of the greatest technically creative innovations by Geidea in order to achieve maximum customer service.
Smart phone applications

Geidea Terminal Management System

Geidea has locally developed an application that can download software and other POS updates remotely.

Support and maintenance

We detect the defects before you can notice them

Rapid Response System

The pursuit of excellence is within our DNA – every aspect of the Company’s operations is guided by a policy of ‘Quality-First.’
  • Support system through the web
  • Integrated Voice Response System (IVR)
  • Customer Care Services over the phone
  • Text messaging

About us


Geidea is a leading Saudi fintech, characterized by its customer-centered approach and best-in-class technologies.

We consider our clients to be our success stories, because we develop solutions tailored to their needs.

We serve both the public and the private sector including but not limited to the banking sector, retail & wholesale, F&B, hospitality and healthcare.









Our clients

Geidea has provided integrated E-payment solutions with a long term partnership with the following Banks:

  • alawal-bank
  • saab
  • aljazira-bank
  • ahlibank
  • anb
  • bank-albilad
  • french-saudi-bank
  • inmaa-bank
  • rajhibank
  • riyad-bank
  • samba
  • saudi-investment

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