Quick service

Simple tools to streamline your operations and offer your customers a fast and efficient service.

Efficiency matters

People on the go need to be served quickly and efficiently. We offer you all the hardware and software you need to integrate service, payments and back office management so your customers keep coming back.

Point of sale

Our POS is optimized for end-to-end management of your quick service restaurant so your team can work in sync while you manage and control all your business operations.

Kitchen Display System

From website and app to on-counter orders, our kitchen display system will help your kitchen staff to fulfill incoming orders in a timely manner.

Online ordering

Accept and manage orders from your own restaurant website, your customer app and table QRs and let your team receive them directly into the KDS.


Create customer profiles, send them emails, SMS messages and push notifications to keep them engaged online and offline. Offer them rewards based on purchases, visits or amounts spent.


Accept chip & pin, contactless, wallet and QR payments on the counter and table-side with Geidea Smart terminal. Take payments on your website and app and share links through Geidea’s Payment Gateway.

Dashboard and reporting

Run your business on data. The back office admin portal will allow you to have a full view of how your business is doing and see your financial information from a single access point.

Inventory management

Control your costs and storage issues by keeping on top of your inventory and ingredient management.

Team management

Manage your entire team and get full visibility on their roles, schedules, permissions and performance so you can incentivise them accordingly.


Geidea’s team is available to support you every step of the way. You can contact us on 800434332 or send us an email to support@geidea.net and we will be delighted to assist.

The best pricing for your business needs

Our flexible pricing is designed to grow with your business and fit all your needs along the way.
You can upgrade whenever you want to or cancel anytime.
1 Year
2 Years
25% Discount


All the features you need to start running your F&B business seamlessly.

AED 2,199
per year

AED 3,299
For 2 years


A complete solution with extra features and benefits that will support your business growth.

AED 4,399
per year

AED 6,599
For 2 years


A bespoke plan to meet the requirements of your business operations and set up.

Custom pricing

Hardware and accessories

These are the most commonly used hardware items for Quick service restaurants. However, we
will be happy to help you make the right decisions if you need us to.