Reach more customers and let them spread out their payments while you get paid upfront. Boost your sales at zero risk by offering your clients a flexible payment option that is affordable for them, convenient for you.

Features and benefits

New customers

Access millions of new customers already using Buy Now Pay Later schemes.

More sales

Increase your average order value.

Installment plans

Offer your customers up to 60 month’s installment plans.

User experience

Improve your checkout experience by offering more payment options.

Upfront payments

Get your money upfront and allow your customers to spread out their payments.

Low risk

Minimize your risk as Buy Now Pay Later providers deal with fraud and chargebacks.

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How it works

Paying through Buy Now Pay Later schemes is simple for your customers!


Select Buy Now Pay Later at the checkout.


Choose your preferred installment plan.


Get a confirmation of your purchase.

Payment tracking

Know how your business is doing. Keep track of all the payments you receive through Buy Now Pay Later schemes and access real-time reports anytime, anywhere.

Adding Buy Now Pay Later is easy

Buy Now Pay Later is now available as part of your Payment Gateway. Log in to the merchant portal and select 'Buy Now Pay Later' from the menu. We will send you a form to fill in a sign as well as a personalized pricing from the provider you choose, simple!

Simple and clear pricing

You will get a simple and customised pricing for all the Valu, Souhoola
and Shahry transactions done through Geidea's Payment Gateway.


Buy Now Pay Later is a payment option that offers your customers the ability to make a purchase in instalments. They select the amount and number of instalments they want to make and they get conveniently financed for part or the total amount of the purchase.

You will not be paid in instalments. The Buy Now Pay Later provider will pay you for the total amount of the sale you make in the first week of the following month.

Yes. Your Buy Now Pay Later solution is managed and activated through Geidea’s platform, but you need a dedicated Valu, Souhoola or Shahry account as well. We will take care of that when you enable these options in your Geidea portal.

Yes, customers have to apply for financing through these providers’ platforms to be able to use Buy Now Pay Later solutions.

There’s no monthly fee or extra fixed cost. Buy Now Pay Later schemes charge a transaction fee on every successful sale you make as per the agreement between them and yourself.

When making a purchase with Buy Now Pay Later, the customer applies for financing on Valu, Shouhoola or Shahry.
Once their financing application is approved, an amount will be added to their Buy Now Pay Later provider wallet so they can use it to pay on your platform.

No. All the instalments are managed by Buy Now Pay Later providers and are handled between them and the customer.

Yes. Once you enable Buy Now Pay Later as a payment option, you will get instant access to their pool of users, which will give you exposure across thousands of new customers.

Buy Now Pay Later payouts are included in your standard Geidea payouts as all other online payments, so you can easily track them on your merchant dashboard.

If you receive a refund request for a purchase made through Buy Now Pay Later you can communicate with Geidea through the refund button on your merchant dashboard and we will communicate with the Buy Now Pay Later provider and issue the refund.
Any return of physical goods will have to be coordinated between you and the customer directly.

Valu, Souhoola, Shahry and Geidea platforms are designed to prevent and reduce fraud; but in case of any errors in payments, chargeback requests or suspicious transactions, you can communicate with Geidea directly to resolve the issue.

No. As a merchant you will be paid upfront and any payment issues afterwards will be solved between the Buy Now Pay Later providers and the end customer directly.

Not for now… but this will be an option soon!