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Smart phone applications

Get smart

Utilize our smartphone compatible support packages and get our services anytime, anywhere.
Smart phone applications

Get organized

Our ticketing system allows technical support to be organized and pro-active so you can focus more on your business.
Smart phone applications

Get informed

Our simple, smart and secure web system helps you review E-receipts and monitor your Geidea terminals.
Smart phone applications

Get fluid

Our POS hot swapping offers a smooth solution by replacing defective POS devices, allowing our clients to accept card payments rather than delay for device
Smart phone applications

Get updated

Our Terminal Management System (TMS) automates POS device downloads and updates remotely so you don’t have to.

Support and maintenance

Take notice. Take action.

Rapid Response System

Our flexible Cloud Support System provides a powerful platform that allows our community to engage with their analytics and service their organization with consistency.
  • Cloud Support system
  • Integrated Voice Response System (IVR)
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Push Notifications

About Geidea

At Geidea, we are a leading Saudi fintech company that provides our clients, both in private and public sectors, with the latest and best-in-class payment solutions.

Our impact within our community is our success story. While remaining up-to-date with international fintech, we believe payment solutions should be customized and customer-centered.While we remain actively supportive of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, we aim to empower convenient payment solutions through our regional expansion.









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