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Utilize our universally compatible smart ticketing application that allows our technicians and customers to open maintenance requests, track and close tickets from their mobile device.

Get organized

Designed with you in mind, Geidea e-POS system helps you deal with any device maintenance issues, treating the malfunctions from start to finish. Our user-friendly, focused and effective support system improves customer satisfaction and brand image of your business.

Get informed

Our simple, smart and secure web system helps you review E-receipts and monitor your Geidea terminals. Use our terminals and statistic reports to help plan your business developments.

Get fluid

Our POS hot swapping offers a smooth solution by replacing defective POS devices, allowing our clients to accept card payments rather than delay for device repairs.

Get updated

Our Terminal Management System (TMS) automates POS device downloads and updates remotely so you don’t have to. This means you can receive our customer service and software updates faster than ever before.

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