Support and maintenance

Take notice. Take action.

Our technical team identifies and addresses maintenance and support issues as they occur and before you even notice!

  24/7 Customer Care

Simple or complex. Day or night.

Our 24/7 customer care team is ready to assist you at any level of your Geidea experience.

  Cloud Support System

Centralized Analytics. Organizational Support.

Our flexible Cloud Support System provides a powerful platform that allows our community to engage with their analytics and service their organization with consistency.


  Integrated Voice Response System (IVR)

Around-the-clock. Avoid the wait.

Our IVR system allows you to submit maintenance requests simply by calling and entering-in your basic information. Our Smart Ticketing System addresses your request instantly.

  Push notification

Up-to-date. In-the-loop.

Our support team stays up-to-date with your needs through text messages and push notifications so we can offer you the most efficient support possible. We also provide you on-time notifications to keep you in-the-loop.

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