Phone POS

Turn your Android phone into a contactless payment terminal.

0 monthly Fees See details



Android O/S 8.1 or higher


NFC connection enabled


Memory required 200MB


No VPN connection

Accept payments on your Android mobile

The perfect solution for captains, freelancers, and small retailers.

  • Accept Apple pay, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and cash.
  • Print, SMS, Whatsapp receipts.
  • Free advanced features like VAT calculation, cash and inventory management.


No monthly subscription fees.

Simple sign up

Be up and running quickly and smoothly.

Fast checkout

Accept all contactless payments.

Same-day Settlement

Receive your money into your account on the same day.

Phone POS Video

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Powered by Geidea App

Supercharge your business.

An intuitive and quick checkout experience with real-time e-inventory and stock management.

Sales reporting and tracking of all transactions to see how well you’re doing.

Product Fees

If you do more than 6,500 SAR/Month No Fees
If you do less than 6,500 SAR/Month 150 SAR + VAT

Transaction Fees

Up to 100 SAR 0.70%
For more than 100 SAR 0.80%(Maximum 160 SAR)
2.75% + 1 SAR
Mada Up to 100 SAR 0.70%
Mada For more than 100 SAR 0.80% (Maximum 160 SAR)
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) 2.75% + 1 SAR

Technical Features

Visa card
Master Card
Apple Pay
Android 8.1 or higher* on most Android smartphones and tablets with NFC
Contactless payment 3 seconds
Encrypted payment data yes
Meets PCI DSS yes

Getting started is easy


1- Sign up and register your business.

2- Download Geidea App from App Store.

3- Open Geidea App and activate your Phone POS.

4- Complete your first Phone POS Transaction.

5- We will payout your earnings quickly and smoothly.