Section A. Geidea Privacy Policy


GEIDEA Co. for Technology (GEIDEA) is a company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Its services are provided within the KSA.  For this reason, its activity, policies and regulatory compliance requirements are subject to the Laws of the KSA (herein referred to as the “Applicable Law”). 

GEIDEA is the owner of www.GEIDEA.net (GEIDEA Website), Geidea APP and is the user of certain branded pages on various online platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.). For the purposes of this Policy, the GEIDEA Website and, where applicable, the branded pages are collectively referred to as the “Website”.  

GEIDEA Privacy Policy applies to GEIDEA Website(s) and branded pages operated by or on behalf of GEIDEA and to the data collected or received thereto. For the provision of its services, GEIDEA uses cookies or may use Cookies and similar Technologies (such as web beacons, pixel tabs, etc). according to the Cookies Policy on the Website. 

By accessing the Website, you expressly consent to this Privacy Policy. For the provision of its services, GEIDEA collects and uses personal data from users, according to the terms and conditions set forth herein in this Policy. 

Mainly, GEIDEA is collecting personal data in order to personalize the user experience, improve Website functionality, enhance the customer experience, for transactions on or through the Website, as the case may be, and for marketing and advertisement purposes. 

GEIDEA is committed at all times to ensure and safeguard maximum protection of data and privacy collected from users, according to the regulatory requirements and to the terms expressly provided herein. 

What type of personal data does GEIDEA collect? 

The Website collects or may collect personal data from users and GEIDEA reserves the right to circulate this data among its Website, business partners and affiliated entities, for the provision of its services, for marketing and advertisement purposes and for overall enhancing the communication with customers. 

GEIDEA collects:

  1. Data provided voluntarily by the user 

  1. Upon registering on the GEIDEA Website and / or any online platforms, the user will be required to provide a name and /  or user ID, phone number, nationality, country of residence, contact preferences, phone number.

  1. Data provided by others

  1. The user may be referred or registered on the Website by a third party, such an agent. As such, the user will provide to the third party and the third party will provide to GEIDEA the personal data referred to at point A.i. above. 

  1. Third Party data provided voluntarily by the user

  1. Further, the Website provides features of having it referred to third parties, such as friends and family (Third Parties). The names, contact details, email addresses and phone numbers of these Third Parties will be stored, managed and collected by GEIDEA for providing its services and for marketing & advertisement purposes and are subject to this Policy. 

When & why is such data collected? 

Personal data is collected upon a user registering on GEIDEA Website or being registered in our Website, at the time of making transactions or at the time that user is being referred to GEIDEA Website by a Third Party. 

GEIDEA Website and, in some cases, its branded pages may be browsed anonymously; in such cases certain features of the Website are not available (for instance, the use may not enter transactions on the GEIDEA Website unless it provides a username and password and logs into the GEIDEA Website). All personal data gathered, used and managed by GEIDEA is provided by users on voluntary basis. 

In detail:

  1. Personal Data is used for keeping the user updated on GEIDEA latest developments, events, news, products and strategies. 

  2. Personal data is also used in order for GEIDEA to develop its Website, as well as to develop products and strategies, according to the user’s preferences and experience. As well, personal data is used to develop the GEIDEA marketing strategies, advertisements content, but also to improve the security of the Website and the usesr protection against scams, fraud and malware. 

  3. Personal data may be also used in order to verify your identity, determine the appropriate services applicable to the user and the benefits that the user is entitled to by using the Website or transacting with GEIDEA. 

  4. Personal data is also used for sending important information and notices to users, such as changes in GEIDEA policies, notifications related to the transactions the user enters into with GEIDEA and / or notifications of unwanted events such as Website breakdown / crashes, attempts of fraud on our Website etc. 

  5. Personal data is used also for auditing the activity of GEIDEA, its target markets, its target audience, transactions specificity by interest group or professional group. If the data resulted from GEIDEA auditing activities is to be published (save as otherwise required by the Applicable Law), then no name or other personal data will be published by GEIDEA and such data appears only in statistics, without it being intended, used or in any other way designed to disclose a person’s identity for any reason whatsoever. 

  6. Personal Data can be used for administering promotions, contests as appropriate on the Website, reason for which it will be used with the user’s consent in such cases. 

Should the user desire to opt out from receiving any promotions, advertisement emails / materials from GEIDEA, then the later shall have the option to opt out / deregister from the GEIDEA mailing list or from other mobile messaging services. 

GEIDEA and non-personal data  

GEIDEA Website and branded pages are using cookies, web beacons, pixel tabs and related technologies (collectively referred to as “Cookies”). For this, please refer to GEIDEA Cookies Policy

In furtherance:

  1. GEIDEA may collect information such as an user’s IP, occupation, language preference, time zone in order to better understand the customer behavior and improve services and advertising offered by GEIDEA. 

  2. GEIDEA may collect an user’s search history on GEIDEA Website or activities on the Website in order to provide to our customers more relevant information regarding our services and more responsive replies to the user’s searches and requests. 

If non-personal data is used in conjunction with personal data, then it will be aggregately treated as personal data. 

Use and Storage of sensitive data 

When entering transactions via the GEIDEA Website, the user will be required to provide a credit card or debit card number. At all cases, transaction details are being made through secured servers  and because of this, the transaction details are not being made and are not being kept by GEIDEA under any circumstances. For this, GEIDEA holds a valid SSL certificate, compliantly with the applicable law and with SAMA guidelines and regulations. 

GEIDEA does not access, does not have access and does not use personal data such as your credit card / debit card details or banking transaction history. All payments to be processed via the GEIDEA Website are made through external servers on a secured payment gateway. 

Disclosure to third parties & Third Party Websites 

GEIDEA may disclose personal information to Third Party affiliate companies and strategic partners, within the limits allowable by the Applicable Law. In all cases, GEIDEA will not share any kind of information to Third Parties for their marketing purposes. 

Users need to be aware that, in circumstances strictly required and defined by the Applicable Law, GEIDEA may be obliged by means of litigation, legal process, national security enforcement and / or specific requests from governmental authorities to disclose in full or in part personal data. 

As well, in cases which are appropriate, reasonable and necessary, GEIDEA may disclose personal data in order to enforce the GEIDEA terms and conditions and to protect the GEIDEA identify and Website security, users and information. As well, in case of merger, reorganization and / or acquisition, GEIDEA may disclose personal information to the relevant third party. 

In addition to the services provided on GEIDEA Website and branded pages, these may include advertisements or links to third party Websites. For more information, please refer to GEIDEA Cookies Policy, provided at Section B below in this document. 

GEIDEA does not provide personal information to Third Parties except in the cases specifically described in this policy. If Third Party Websites require personal information by the user in order for the later to be able to use such Third Party Website, the user acknowledges that such information is provided by them voluntarily to a Third Party, hence hold harmless GEIDEA of any claim and / or liability related to the usage of personal data by such Third Party Websites. For the avoidance of doubt, GEIDEA may use all and / or any of the below:

App/ Web product


Actions implied



Tracking of Visits, Form Submissions

Chat Bot


Our Chat bot that communicates with visitors



Creates heat maps of users activties on the website (where people click the most etc)



Tracks visits and revisits to a website and allows us to perform actions based on this. For example, if a user didn't visit for 10 days, we may send them an email for follow up

Zendesk Chat


Live Chat, send us country, IP, city, chat history with a specific user etc

Google Analytics


Google data on visitors, demographics, locations, time spent on site etc

GEIDEA Commitment to Privacy

GEIDEA instructs its employees, representatives and affiliates regularly on the Privacy Policy and security and strictly adhere to security of privacy standards and procedures internally and companywide. Only specifically trained representatives of GEIDEA deal with personal data and GEIDEA is keeping abreast with the developments and amendments of the relevant regulation in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). 

 “Do not track” signals 

If GEIDEA Website receives a “Do not track” signal from your browser and / or terminal, then GEIDEA Website will not track and store data, however it is to be acknowledged by the user in such cases certain features of GEIDEA Website may not be accessible to the user. 

Action in case of data breach 

GEIDEA notifies the users within maximum 48 hours from becoming aware of any event and / or interference that caused a data breach and, in furtherance, provides its full support to the user whose personal data has been breached in order to exercise their individual redress options against the breach and its authors. By this, it is understood that GEIDEA will not be in any way financially liable towards the user, for any reason whatsoever, save as the case where the breach has been caused intentionally by GEIDEA or its representatives. 

Visiting GEIDEA Website from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)


The user acknowledges and agrees that the usage of GEIDEA Website is at all times subject to the KSA Law (the Applicable Law). When visiting the GEIDEA Website from outside the KSA, the user information will still be collected and stored according to this Privacy Policy and the other GEIDEA relevant policies (such as the GEIDEA Cookies Policy). As such, the user acknowledged and understands with no further claims that the data protection or cyber security legislation may differ in KSA from the country from where the Website is accessed. 



Integrity of Retention & Access to Personal information 

GEIDEA shall provide at all times to its users, upon their request, access and copies to all the personal data it has collected in relation to that user. In brief, the amount of personal information collected from the user via Website shall be the same with the one provided by the user by entering any of the GEIDEA transactions. The user will have at all times the right to correct his personal data in possession of GEIDEA. 

GEIDEA endeavors to keep the personal data collected from the users accurately, exactly and for the duration needed in order to provide their services to the users. At all times, the GEIDEA Privacy Policy shall comply with the Applicable Law. 

For further information, alerts & complaints, please contact us. GEIDEA may update their Privacy Policy from time to time. Any such amendment or update becomes immediately applicable.  Users are advised to check regularly the GEIDEA Privacy Policy at www.geidea.net 


Section B. Geidea Cookies Policy


GEIDEA Co. for Technology (GEIDEA) is a limited liability company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Its services are provided within the KSA.  For this reason, its activity, policies and regulatory compliance requirements are subject to the Laws of the KSA (herein referred to as the “Applicable Law”). 

GEIDEA is the owner of www.GEIDEA.net (GEIDEA Website), Geidea APP and is the user of certain branded pages on various online platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.). For the purposes of this Policy, the GEIDEA Website and, where applicable, the branded pages are collectively referred to as the “Website”.  

GEIDEA Cookies Policy applies to GEIDEA Website(s) and branded pages operated by or on behalf of GEIDEA. For the provision of its services, GEIDEA uses cookies or may use Cookies and similar Technologies (such as web beacons, pixel tabs, etc). 

What are the Cookies and the similar technologies?

Cookies are files placed and stored on the end user’s device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) when the user accesses certain websites or branded pages in online platforms. The usage of cookies is widely spread in the online world, in order to enhance the user’s browser & website experience, track website activities, store and exchange information, for marketing purposes and, finally, to boost the functionality and responsiveness of a website or similar online platform. 

Whereas cookies are being sent usually to the server that set them or to a server in the same internet domain with the one that created them, the newer internet protocols allow cookies to be sent to third party websites (“Third Party Cookies”). For instance, an advertisement photo on a social media platform page may transmit cookies information to the browser from where the media platform is accessed (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc.)

You may disable usage of cookies from your browser; however this would impact your browsing experience or even prevent your access to various areas of websites or online platforms. For example, a user would not be able to enter transactions on the GEIDEA Website if cookies are disabled. 

Why GEIDEA uses cookies? 

GEIDEA uses cookies in a fully transparent and compliant manner, for:

Although some cookies store certain personal information (as described below), such storage is intended for advertising and marketing purposes, in agreement with GEIDEA Privacy Policy. 

What types of Cookies does GEIDEA use?

Generally, we use two types of cookies:

Both types can be used by GEIDEA or by Third Party Websites and may store personal information in the following ways:

  1. Cookies that allow users to explore various areas of GEIDEA Website and make the GEIDEA Website or branded pages work correctly – these cookies provide anonymous information about the user, such as location and areas of the website the user has explored; 

  2. Cookies that allow users to interact with the GEIDEA Website and transmit information on how much time users spend and what they look for in various sections of the GEIDEA website or branded pages– as well, these cookies provide anonymous data about the user; 

  3. Cookies that allow the GEIDEA Website to remember usernames, preferences, profile pictures– such cookies contain personally identifiable information, such as username or profile with description and attached documents, if any;   

  4. Cookies that allow GEIDEA to personalize the user’s experience and provide website responses according to the user’s preferences and previous searches– they usually transmit personally identifiable information, such as IP. 

Can cookies be disabled or managed?

Whereas most internet browsers are initially configured to accept cookies, their settings can be changed in the sense that cookies may be completely disabled or, the user may allow only specific types of cookies; else, the user may opt to get notified when a new cookie is to be stored on his device. Each internet browser has its specific settings and configurations and those fall outside the responsibility of GEIDEA. 

Third Party Cookies from Sites & Advertisements 

GEIDEA Website may contain links to other websites, as well as different advertisements from third parties or links to social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Please note that these websites are external to GEIDEA, not in the control of GEIDEA and may use cookies and / or user’s personal information. Details on usage of cookies by third parties websites may be found on the respective websites’ terms and conditions. In all cases, usage of Third Party Cookies falls outside the responsibility of GEIDEA.

Usage of Google AdSense, Google Analytics and similar technologies 

Google Analytics and similar technologies are services offered by Google Inc. and produce statistics about websites traffic, sources of traffic and determine the conversion of such traffic into sales. All such technologies use cookies and their regime is determined and controlled solely and exclusively by Google Inc. and the processing of personal data obtained as such is subject to the regulatory requirements of Google Inc. 

In case GEIDEA understands to use any of the technologies described in the present section, then the purpose of such usage will be to integrate and optimize web pages and to measure traffic into GEIDEA Website in order to improve the GEIDEA product and boost sales. 

By using the GEIDEA Website and / or branded pages, as appropriate, you consent to the processing data requirements of GEIDEA and of the Third Party providers, such as Google Inc. 


The present Cookies Policy is governed by the applicable laws of the KSA.

For further information, alerts or complaints, please email us to our designated email addresses mentioned on our Website(s). 

GEIDEA may update their Cookies Policy from time to time. Any such amendment or update becomes immediately applicable.  Users are advised to check regularly the GEIDEA Cookies Policy on the Website and generally on the online platforms GEIDEA is administering.