Terminals & accessories

Pro Screen Lite Start from 1399 SAR

For small entity merchants with big retail demands.

Pro screen lite A
Pro screen lite B
Pro screen lite C
  • Dual screen stand
  • Durable aluminum alloy base
Tablet holder 499 SAR

Durable yet stylish for countertop fixing

ipad stand
  • Durable steel stand
  • Landscape or portrait mounting
Pro Scanner 179 SAR

Fast and accurate scanning that effeciently handles busy checkout points.

Pro scanner A
Pro scanner B
Pro scanner C
  • Quick scanning
  • Accurate Identification
  • Haptic Feedback
Pro Screen Start from 2149 SAR

More intelligent dual screen interaction.

Pro Screen A
Pro Screen B
Pro Screen C

Convenient dual Android touchscreen, with build in printer, offers enhanced performance & customer experience.

Pro Printer Start from 299 SAR

A massive amount of receipts, one printer.

Pro Printer A
Pro Printer B
Pro Printer C

Equipped with 58mm high-performance Seiko thermal print head with a print speed of 165mm/s, it can print receipts in real time and no receipts getting stuck.

Pro Cash drawer 329 SAR

Same capacity, less space.

Pro cash drawer A
Pro cash drawer B
Pro cash drawer C
  • Sleek design
  • Wide area voltage
  • Durable, long service life
  • Unique security features