Accept Meeza Wallet

Take Meeza Wallet payments instantly and seamlessly with our Payment Gateway.

Enable Meeza Wallet on your Payment Gateway

1. Register as a Merchant with Meeza or contact Geidea for support.

2. Send us your Meeza credentials so we can get your Gateway configured.

3. Log in to your merchant portal and enable Meeza.

How does it work for your customers?

Getting paid through Meeza is quick and easy. As a merchant, you can also use the Request to pay feature to send your customers an in-app approval request.



At your checkout, your customers select Meeza as their payment method and enter their mobile number.


Meeza wallet

The customer gets an in-app notification and selects ‘Pay’.


Payment confirmation

The payment is complete!

Simple and customized pricing

Contact us and we will let you know more about pricing,
volumes and best options for your business needs.